About Me

My freshman year of college I offered to give my Biology professor the $2.83 for his book instead of the market retail price $24.00. My science career ended shortly after. I just didn’t have the patience for ferns and spores.

Since I wasn’t a super cutie at the college keg parties, I needed something else. Ah, wit. My best friend Jason and I developed the humor section for our college newspaper. This was much more interesting than covering sports and editorial news.

I found my nitche. I waved my freak frag and haven’t stopped since.

Now I take my writing fervor and chameleon my words into dry and informative, hilarious and persuasive, quick witted and engaging, serious and embracing.

Do you want your reader to cry? I’ll bring that tear before the call to action.

Concerned about legal guidelines? My best friends on the playground are lawyers, so rest assured I’ve mastered the perfect balance of FTC and puffery.

Deadlines are just as common as multiple cups of coffee during a late night advertising brainstorm. Your work will be delivered on time. And just like standardized testing I give you multiple options. You pick the most cohesive for your client. From there I take the copy to completion.